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The Mobile POS Solution
for massive events

Combining three innovative products ensure
maximum speed, efficiency and reliability

Music Festival
Helppari Handheld POS

Helppari Handheld POS

Poutanet micro eNB

Poutanet micro eNB

Cumucore EPC

Cumucore EPC

Easy, fast & cost effective to install, test and strike

Private network installed in less than 20 minutes

Rock-solid and low latency connectivity

Scalable, Flawless & ultra-reliable high-performance

Makes large queue sales a breeze

Handheld POS Handheld POS: Mobile payments Handheld POS: On-site Tickets Wireless POS: Queue Management
10s of thousands of purchases by day

Helppari Handheld POS

Make sales anywhere. Touchscreen, easy to install and use

  • Android OS on top of regular smartphone HW
  • RFID, chip and magnetic stripe readers
  • Rapid tickets, receipts provided on the spot
  • Works even if the connection to the internet is shaky
  • Monetary transactions can be done even in patches, store them locally and deliver after a certain period of time

Avoid customers queuing and loose of business.
Every second and every transaction counts.

Poutanet micro eNB
Fully-consumerized RAN solution

Poutanet micro eNB

1km coverage radius with just one radio unit

  • Omni antenna integrated with eNB: 3 height meters and maximum 2x5W output power.
  • Reduce physical footprint dramatically
  • 20MHz frequency on 2,3GHZ private band
  • Add new POS (with SIM cards) without any technical training.
    Practically no learning curve

Avoid network congestion and dark zones with poor connectivity.

Cumucore EPC
The system's brains

Cumucore EPC

4G/5G Non-Public Network to make it all possible

  • Runs atop of a Linux OS-equipped industrial PC
  • Requires only a single connection to the internet via fiber or wirelessly via Microwave Radiometer (MWR)
  • Fully 3GPP-compliant, very strictest cryptographic measured
  • Include IMS that can be used if voice communication is needed on the area

Building and removal time of the network is fractions of the WiFi or Ethernet versions.